Water provider

Limitless clean water in your home every single day

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Drink your water clean, fresh and free of harmful additives and impurities using oollee services

Fresh water here when you need it Safe in every way

Switch to reusable
water bottles

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Why buy water in a plastic bottle you won’t use anymore? With oollee you can lessen the harm to the environment and keep landfills free of excessive waste

Fresh water here when you need it Rich with minerals

Clean water as a healthy lifestyle choice

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oollee water is like nature intended: enriched with organic minerals and essential oxygen

Fresh water here when you need it Easy to join

Service is available in Kazakhstan

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You pay once to get your equipment installed and enjoy your clean water every day without any limitations

Just 149 ₸ per day

Onboarding is only 4990 tenge

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Subscription is cheaper than a bottle of water, and you don’t have to pay for the delivery — you will already have fresh water in your home any time. Maintenance and spare parts are charged separately.

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